FOB Deliveries

We assist the major international forwarders with FOB deliveries of break bulk cargoes at main Italian ports.

We take care of pre-engineering works for all activities including but not limited to transportation arrange- ments, certified lashing & securing and all associated calculations and design; we take care of route survey analysis & reporting to Client/Company coordination and site visits, pre-phase and operational reporting on all operational & engineering responsibilities and activities relevat to transportation, storage, lifting, loading, stowage, lashing and securing on board.

We execute an effective strategy for communication with Client / Company personnel to ensure all activities throughout all phases are completed efficiently and in a timely manner.

We provide a transport and operation for all associated procedures including progress reports, supervision and regular inspections of all equipment at loading site and on-loading ports and supply road operation fuel, maintenance, spare parts and accessories required for special equipment deployment during operational activities.

We ensures to employ Skilled & qualified operators, supervisors and crew for performing all operational activities at ports of loading ensuring safety thourout all operational phases.